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Casein Wpcdm Whey Powder Lactose Plant

Casein, WPC, DM Whey Powder & Lactose Plant

Casein, WPC, DM Whey Powder & Lactose Plant

FBE is specialized in manufacturing casein, DM whey WPC, MPC and lactose manufacturing plant. The Ultrafiltration membrane, Nanofiltration membrane, RO membrane and Ion exchange resins shall be used for manufacturing DM whey, WPC and MPC. FBE supply good quality standard make membranes and resins.

Casein Powder: Casein is an insoluble milk protein powder produced from pure pasteurized skimmed milk by controlled acid precipitation. It shall be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, dietetic and other specialized foods, cheese products, ice cream and other protein foods.
Casein is prepared by acid precipitation from unheated or short time heated separated milk, which has a fat content of not more than 0.05%. Higher temp. reduce solubility since whey proteins become precipitated. Whey and lactose are removed from the curd thus obtained by heating and then washing with warm water. The casein is dried to a moisture content of 8-12% and the final product contains 80-90% Casein, not more than 2% fat and 2-4% ash. To prevent discoloration through browning by the maillard reaction, the lactose content should be reduced as much as possible.
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